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Manage your IP well

Posted by Vijay on March 9, 2007

One afternoon I was talking to a friend of mine about our Business Processes, Training Processes, and some of the technology that we had developed to help us in our business.

Suddenly he piped up ” I hope you are putting a value to all this. This is your intellectual property”.

That got me thinking. As a startup you dont think about these things. Yet you are unconsiously building up knowledge as you go along. Its this knowledge that helps you do things better the next time, give your customer a better service, or help you do your work faster. That if you think about it, is your Intellectual Property.

Some tips:

1. Document the things that you do however trivial it might seem. These could be quality processes, sample work, customer feedbacks.

2. Keep all the documentation in an easily accessable place. More importantly use it.

3. Listen to your co-workers and employees. Sometimes the best ideas come from them.

Your business is special, so is your knowledge.


6 Responses to “Manage your IP well”

  1. praneshachar said

    Yes it is true
    even small things and all people matters
    IP is an area people will not really document
    good tips vijay

  2. Veena said


    Doesn’t the quality/audit cover all this as part of process ?

    Do you guys have any patents filled in the name of s-connect?

  3. Vijay said

    Veena: You are talking large companies. I am talking small business…
    No.. not yet..

  4. Veena said

    I get to hear from people that in small business(which you mentioned), its more people dependant while in bigger its process.. I am glad to see something different thats been quoted here.

    Good luck for one, I am sure, the bulb must be already glowing above your head! & a cloud with some thoughts(ask RK to draw a cartoon of yours describing my above lines:-))

  5. Mahesh said

    Hi Vijay,

    I am Mahesh. I am software professional aspiring to be entrepreneur. I want your suggestion.
    I have read some books like “The high performance entrepreneur by Subarto Bagchi”.
    Plz suggest some good books related to this.
    Is it good to join TiE (
    Do you suggest some other org?

    I am fan of your Bangalore Blues Blog.
    Thank you very much.

  6. Vijay said

    @Mahesh.. sorry for the delay in responding…

    TiE is good organization to join.. helps you build a network which is very important…

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