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Alive and Kicking

Posted by Vijay on February 10, 2007

This blog has been dormant for a while now. Not because of lack of interest but because of some major things that were going on with my business that had me worried about our people and the direction we were headed in.

I am happy to say that we have come out of the mist and things are looking so bright that I am ordering new sunglasses.

Over the last 4 months we were literally on a rollercoaster ride. I will over the next several months blog it.

In the meantime, please take time to read this wonderful post on Information Architects Japan’sweb site.  It gives a true picture of what small businesses are faced with today. I had written a post along similar lines some time ago but this article is much better.

I love the term “Tire Kicker” that they use. To quote them, a “Tire Kicker” is:

Tire-kickers are those people that go check out cars whenever they can. They act as if they want to buy the car and ask for special deductions and conditions and they take 20 test-drives just to “change their mind” in the end. The true reason why they don’t buy is: They don’t have the dough


11 Responses to “Alive and Kicking”

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  2. let the brightness of your business be more to facilitate invention of new sunglasses to cover this and creating more business avenues.
    good post keep going atleast once a month one post in this section too

  3. Veena said

    I am glad that there is something here. Honestly, I had no clue about all that you said. you stayed quite calm otherwise too. I mean on your Bangalore Blues & Business Buzz…
    Tire Kickers .. Ha Ha….Honda city haLeddaytu, mathenu nodlilva hosaadu Vijay ??

  4. Vijay said

    Veena: Think of “tire kickers” are window shoppers..

  5. Mysorean said

    All the best Vijay! 🙂

  6. Vijay said

    Adi: Thanks….

  7. Pushpa said


    Very informative blog. Nan ivaga thane nim blog nella odakka start maadiyini. But off all, this is very informative. Budding talents ge thumba help agathe ansathe.. real time knowledge sharing is what that helps ansathe. THanks.

  8. Vijay said

    Pushpa: Thanks for the encouraging words…

  9. Veena said

    offlate, Vijay is more interested to review others stuff rather than encouraging youngsters 🙂 adakke he seems to be active on both is BB’s 🙂

    Active & Kicking annbiTTu.. elli hodri maththe ? 😉

  10. Vijay said

    Veena: Not at all.. soon this blog will be full and flowing as well…

  11. Sash said

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