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Employees are the key to success

Posted by Vijay on November 10, 2006

I love my people.

The greatest achievement that we can be proud of in the last 3 years are our employees. Each one of them… Without them we would be nothing.

Each of our managers have grown with the company. They started here and they have resisted offers by competitors to move even if it meant hikes in salaries.

Key is to keep the workplace enjoyable, keep your commitments to your employees and be transparent with them. They appreciate that and reward you with loyalty and productivity.

That is not to say people have not left. We have had our share of attrition. However we have never had an employee leave on bad terms. I always expect they’ll be back.

Employees. They can make or break a company.


7 Responses to “Employees are the key to success”

  1. I strongly believe that as people go up the ladder, they lose the contact with their past. Managers just cannot connect with the individual contributors. Sure, the first level managers and supervisors are great, infact, they are your friends. But, as you go further up the ladder, automatically you start taking the “tough” decisions becuase they “have” to be done. And, you don’t realize that as a manager you are in a different ballpark than your bottomline employee. That reflects the frustrations.

    You have made an excellent point in BOLD> Employees do make or break a company. The caveat is that such a company is really a small scale company. Do you belivee that an Infosys or a Wipro is really dictated by what the employees do or don’t do (unless every single employee quits on the same day, of course).

    I like your post because it is full of positive ideas and it sure motivates people. I would love to have someone like you as my manager. No qualms here, I have always had very good first level managers.

  2. Vijay said

    DS: Agree with you on your take… what I said is true for small companies… however I wasnt talking from a “resignation” point of view…

    We started with 5 people, 3 years on we are 150… These 150 will play a pivotal role in our next growth phase…

  3. When do you plan to hire 151st ? Resume is ready….;)

  4. Vijay said

    DS: Anytime.. anytime…

  5. rk said

    wow! i am excited!

  6. This is soo good. I just clicked on this link on your other blog Vijay. I would say, mine is 500th resume. I still don’t have choice to change my company just for my sake, I still have that love towards my company now, let me see when I feel like moving out & then the first company I would think is yours. Not too sure whether you can give me any work, I can’t think so creative as bellur. What ever I do I do to the fullest, rest assured! 😉
    I beleived in what ever you said, hence the resignation is a far thought to me.. when people ask me the reason to stick to my current company, I answer back, may be I dont have a reason ! 😉

  7. Munim said

    So true..
    Its ironic that so many well established companies with a good reputation have managers who don’t treat their employees well.. Ultimately, its job security which is preventing them from leaving such companies… which is sad.(Thats probably why the last commentator is with her employer!)
    Even employees must realise that they are a valuable asset of their employers and not let them push be pushed around by the latter.

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