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Missing the Bus

Posted by Vijay on August 28, 2006

Are there things that I wished I had done? Of course. I have these “pangs” of regrets every single day. I had the idea to start an Indian software company that provided services to US clients way back in 1988. I had the advantage that I was based in the USA. Even the big boys were starting out then. But when it came to leaving the job I had, I balked. Of course I was only in my mid-twenties at the time.Of course I had the idea but other people did it and as I said in my previous post thats what counts.

My own “missing the bus” story is a biggie. In 1991, I decided to move out of the USA for personal reasons. I had 2 options, one was to move back to India and the other was to move to Singapore. One of my uncles called me up and asked me to talk to this “up and coming” company in Bangalore where his classmate was the CEO. They were looking for someone who had worked in the USA. I of course did not meet the said CEO since I felt Indian companies did not pay well. I preferred to move to Singapore. I cannot complain about my job in Singapore and my subsequent return to India working for a top notch company. But the Indian company that I did not talk to turned out to be INFOSYS (no two guesses as to who the CEO was). This was BEFORE their IPO. Talk about MISSING THE BUS… I think I probably take the gold medal here. Only wish I could turn back the clock…. sigh !!

So this time around when I got the “urge” to “do something” in 2003, I took the plunge not wanting to miss the bus this time around. So far things are working out great. The company is doing well and I don’t have the “What if I had done this?” question haunting me anymore.


10 Responses to “Missing the Bus”

  1. Vittal said

    Nice blog – good perspectives of an entrepreneur.

    On the lighter note, I agree that you missed the bus in second case. And, probably the bus had at least Rs. 20 crores in it. How do I know? Well, I worked for the same company for about 9 years and I know how much the bus carried! 🙂

  2. prashanth said

    I am too young to talk/think about the buses I missed. But I’ve heard many about buses missed by my dad, but never saw him regret for those. He is 63, a retired headmaster, with 34+yrs of teaching experience and who loves his job.

  3. Vijay said

    Excellent thought !! By the way, I saw a picture of your dad on your Blog…

  4. Hmmm.. My first job was in a research organisation, I didn;t attend any of my campus interviews thinking I would study more. My mom said no studying (it becomes difficult to find a good groom).. I had to find something there in Mysore. It paid me the least.. I learnt a lot there, just not how to work & how to manage things. But how to behave & how to carry myself where ever I go.. I always thought, did I miss the bus by not attending the campus interviews. I say to myself, I took a different bus may be.. I am travelling in a VOLVO bus currently! Nice post vijay, short & sweet.

    I want to be like prashanth’s dad sometime later. I have had a stint earlier & people like me to be their teacher, I would say I will do it once I have choice to choose my life to live the way I want! I mean when my earnings hardly matters to my family & my job hardly matters to me 😉

  5. Vijay said

    Well… thinking about these things is like walking into a sale and buying stuff thinking its a good deal and then going there the next day and finding it at half the price you paid…

  6. missing the bus yes we should not regret at all for what has gone because you have taken a right decision at that point of time there is no point in making a big issue and losing your peace. like vijay you must take up challenges and be an employer rather than an employee. I also know one of my colleague missed the bus for Infosyis in negotaion of pay by just Rs.100 more or less that was also in the period 1992/93
    good post to it is like if one door is closed there will be another you must search and open it then; who knows that may be still better bus may be a VOLVO as veena put it

  7. Vijay said

    You are absolutely correct… the best thing is to learn our lessons from it and move on…

  8. Seshagiri said

    Interesting and thought provoking posts – although I am reading them almost an year later!
    Found answers to few of the questions that I have for myself – for having missed the bus of entrepreneurship! Actually, I did not miss it. I took the bus, but got off before I reached the last stop!!
    But at 24, I guess I can always wait for the next bus rather deciding not travel at all!!

  9. Vijay said

    Seshagiri: I have been lax in writing on this blog… being 24 you have a LOT of time on your hands..

  10. Seshagiri said

    Thats encouraging!! Thanks 🙂

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