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“Advice” is the worst of all “vices”

Posted by Vijay on August 26, 2006

While you do need to get validation for your business plan, the biggest validation should come from you, the entrepreneur. I have known guys who spend so much time validating an idea that it passes them by and someone else does it. How often have you heard about a business and then thought to yourself “Hey I thought of doing something similar 2 years ago”. You might have thought about it 2 years ago, but someone else actually went out and did it and that’s what counts. There are no points for “thinking” about an idea.

There are two kinds of people that you meet when you have an idea, the first type I like to call the “Dr. No” types. These are people who start every sentence with “No but…”.  It’s easy to get discouraged by people like that. STAY AWAY from people like that. What you need is someone who will look at your idea for what it is worth and give you advise based on that and not from some bitter experience they have had. Yes, I like it when people advise me on caution but I usually stay away from people who make doomsday predictions about anything you have to say.

The other extreme is people who will effusively agree with whatever plans you might have. While this is very encouraging, you need to be careful not to get carried away.

My theory on starting a business is simple. You should never ask yourself the question “What if I had done that?”. Are there things I wish I had done?… YES!! Stay tuned.


One Response to ““Advice” is the worst of all “vices””

  1. This is nice peice of advice!
    It takes lot of things to resist getting influenced by both the people. Sometimes, you ought to do it, you never know you emotionally get bound! 🙂
    What if I had done that is a bad idea, but doing everything which comes to my mind is also is one! I apply this logic when I want to take any decision. I take a decision & start living according to the new decision for 15 days & if I am convinced with all the changes, I go ahead otherwise I drop it! Its kind of rehearsal. I know very less time, we get to rehearse! Every day is a new day, isn’t it?

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